Bicycles are free for guests of the Mare Mare Suites and are limited in quantity. The lessee rides the bike at their own risk and cannot encumber the lessor. By signing the form they confirm that the bike was received in good condition. The lessee shall not ride the bike under the influence of alcohol and drugs and they will not represent a potential danger to other drivers. Rental bikes must be kept locked at all times when the bike is unattended, otherwise the insurance will not cover theft and damage and you'll have to reimburse costs (up to 1500.00 HRK). In the event of an accident or breakdown, the lessee shall notify the lessor as soon as possible at phone number +385 (0) 91 232 0100.

Please stay on bike paths. Be visible to other drivers and drive just during the day time. Bicycles are not equipped for nighttime driving. If the lessee fails to observe the terms of this agreement, the owner is entitled to early termination of the agreement.

How to Choose the Right Size Bike

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