Mare Mare Club

Mare Mare Club

Mare Mare Klub is a project that aims to develop a new way of vacation, colloquially called "autopoietic tourism", which occurs as a type of self-organization in interaction with tourist destination and its tourism potentials (cultural and natural) for those visitors (tourists) who WANT TO SPEND THEIR FREE TIME IN A CREATIVE WAY with the help of Mare Mare Klub. The purpose of the club is to, in collaboration with members and its business partners meet the needs of its club members dreaming of the perfect vacation. Through its programs the club will promote the preservation and presentation of cultural heritage and quality of life on the island, nature protection, healthy diet, sports and recreation, and exchange of knowledge, skills and personal experiences.

The mission of the Club is to establish formal and informal network of clients and business partners, realize opportunities for new friendships and business cooperation and promote creative ways to spend a vacation. Our goal is a long-term program that can be achieved only if the members who really want that and give their creative input are involved, and MARE MARE KLUB, as the organizer, manages to fulfil their expectations, and if the destination increases the quality of their services in the pursuit of self-recognition.

Please be patient in the course of project development. We are aware how demanding are goal is. Hopefully, our and yours patience and persistence will soon bear fruit and we will happily embrace changes in and around us and conclude that it was all worth it. 

If you wish to participate in the project, the first step is to apply, and the rest is a result of interaction with other interested members, with our mediation. Before you decide to apply, click on "autopoietic tourism“. The initial text about "autopoietic tourism" is just an incentive to cooperate, and we hope that through your ideas and participation this story will keep spreading with no end in sight, as there is no end to human imagination.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Dinko Kuvač
Mare Mare Klub

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