Kayaks are free for guests of the Mare Mare Suites and for Robinson guests is cost 85,00 kn per day. We are limited in quantity. The Lessee will sign a written statement confirming that the kayak was handed over in proper working order thus assuming all risks and full responsibility for any loss or damage in connection with the Kayak Rental Agreement and that the Lessor is not and will not be held liable in any way.

In the event of accident the Lessee is obligated to notify the Lessor by phone at +385(0)91 232 0100 as soon as possible.

Minimum knowledge of wind and sailing conditions is required.

Please do not go too close or too far from the shoreline and do not try to disembark your kayak at an arduous or inaccessible terrain.

If you have a child aboard, it is forbidden to let the child operate the kayak and please make sure your child is in your sight at all time for any movement may destabilize the vessel. Lifejackets are mandatory. Please follow the planned route and make a realistic assessment of your kayaking skill and ability.

Check the latest weather forecast before hiring a kayak.

By signing the Agreement you confirm that you are physically and mentally capable of operating a kayak. If the Lessee is found to be in breach of this Agreement, the Lessor will be entitled to an early termination of the Agreement.

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