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Local Restaurants
We would certainly recommend Konoba Corrado(+385 51/232-487) situated in the old town core. The intimate green garden will be an ideal place to taste the first-class fish and seafood. . (). The center of the pizza and pasta universe is the family Pizzeria Draga(+385 51/231-132). Pizza maker Drago Žagar is the winner of numerous awards. Marco Sasso, a famous New York chef, will prepare for you some modern dishes and chic specialties with truffles at Bora Barin Rovenska Bay (+385 51/867-545). Please contact the VIP Desk for information on other quality restaurants outside the Mali Lošinj area.

Local Bars
The Latino Beach Baris the thing you need for total relaxation with the of Out Get to Need You. Why Visit Mali Lošinj in September, when the days are warm, bathing in the quiet of the town preparing for a brief winter rest. The Fishermen's Festival has been traditionally held in the town during this month. Boat excursions are the best way to get to know the wonderful Croatian islands. You cannot miss Susak, a unique sandy island of the Adriatic archipelago, rich in specific natural features and cultural heritage. Ilovik and Unije are special in their own way. When in Osor, a 4000-year old museum town, make sure you don't miss the ''Osor Musical Evenings'' that have been held in July and August since way back in 1976. It is also important to see the Town Museum and Cathedral, an archeological collection. In Veli Lošinj, near the Tower, you won't be able to miss the Church of St. Anthony the Hermit, established in 1480. Numerous artworks and organs made by organ builders such as Callida or Vivarini; St. Gregory's relics... Valunis known for the Valun Tablet.

The environmental aspect of the destination simply won't allow you to avoid visiting the Lošinj Marine Educational Centerin Veli Lošinj, where you will realize why the Island of Lošinj is the Island of Dolphinsof all places! At the Eco-CenterCaput Insule in Beli, not only will you learn more about the life of the griffon vulture, but you'll surely have some fun as well. Environmental excursions are available year-round.

Mare Mare Suites arranges transportation to Betanijafor all its clients participating in spiritual recovery exercises. Having arrived in Betanija in 1999, reverend Zlatko Sudac turned it into a unique place for encounters with God. Betanija has received over 50 thousand believers from Croatia and abroad arriving for spiritual recovery exercises, including celebrities from politics and show business.

You have to be here in spring or autumn. The fantastic hiking trails, pleasant strolls along the seashore, through groves, paths or picturesque villages. If all this is not enough, Mare Mare Suites will organize for you anything you desire to the extent possible, such as fishing or taking part in traditional island activities!